Care Centers in US Are Prepared for Coronavirus

By February 25, 2020 May 21st, 2020 Uncategorized


US care centers and hospitals are ready for COVID-19 

As the number of coronavirus patients increases, hospitals across America are preparing for a pandemic. While hospitals and patient care centers have protocols and procedures for epidemics as seen with diseases such as the flu, a set plan was not in place for the novel coronavirus mainly because nobody knew it could pass to humans. These protocols are now being adapted for a COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus outbreak. 

Mobilizing resources ahead of a coronavirus outbreak

While store shelves are wiped clean of hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, and sprays, hospitals, and care centers are checking their inventory and storage of these essential supplies. Many medical supply companies have place allotments on facilities, limiting the number of purchases allowed at any given time. These facilities are forced to put conservation plans into place, and some centers have gone so far as to cancel elective surgeries because of the low supply of gowns, gloves, and masks. 

New screening protocols for coronavirus patients 

One of the crucial measures that some care centers have put in place is to change the way they screen and triage their incoming patients and visitors. The new screening measures include immediately questioning those entering the facility regarding recent travel or interaction with those who have recently traveled as well as any symptoms that they are currently experiencing. 

LifeBrite Community Hospital of Early is also asking that only true emergent-patients use the Emergency Room. If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, do not come to the ER; call your primary care doctor for guidance. 

Care centers focused on preventative measures

While some hospitals and medical facilities are opting for new screening measures, others have decided to step up their preventive measures. These measures include more frequent sanitization of often touched items, such as elevator buttons, doorknobs, and switches. Many care centers have also increased their signs for patient education. These educational signs remind patients and visitors to cover their coughs and sneezes and to wash their hands frequently. 

LifeBrite Community Hospital of Early is also restricting visitors to the hospital as a preventative measure. There are no visitors allowed for patients or employees, with some exceptions. Patients at the end of life are allowed visitors, minors may have one parent or guardian present, and mental health patients are allowed their caregiver as a visitor.  We know these are tough guidelines and restrictions but we are committed to patient and staff safety.  

Lifebrite Community Hospital of Early is ready 

Lifebrite Community Hospital of Early has a team of skilled medical professionals experienced in emergency care. There is also a trained team of Registered Respiratory Therapists who are experienced with SARS, a close cousin to COVID-19. With state of the art equipment and technology, Lifebrite Community Hospital of Early is prepared to handle any cases of the coronavirus that may come our way. 

This is a daily changing situation, and our procedures will continually be updated as new information becomes available. To stay up to date on this fluid situation, follow the CDC website